The Etchells Championship League Launch

We’re all looking forward to fleet racing starting up again – can’t wait! 

We’re going to try something new this year – the Etchells Championship League! This will let you race against all the fleets in Australia without leaving your club. Your results at a fleet level will be compared and aligned with results from other fleets and this will lead to a National Leagues Ranking.

So what is new about the Championship League and how will it work?

  • There will be three “Events” through the season each of which must be completed by the fleet before a set date (1 Dec, 1 March and 1 June)
  • Your fleet can nominate what comprises an “Event” – the Event may run over a day or weekend, or simply be a selection of races e.g. from your seasons aggregate
  • We have built an algorithm to level the playing field by awarding points reflecting not only your scratch result but also taking into account the number of professionals on board, youth teams, and the quality of the fleet
  • To add some excitement and interest we will publish the Leagues Rankings (based on awarded points) at three times during the year (December, March and June.
  • Special prizes are being discussed, but mainly this is about the fame (rather than fortune) and most of all the fun!  This is a chance to try something new. Let us know if you are interested by filling out our form here….

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